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Welcome to the Write Rehab

Services are offered individually or in combination based on your needs and budget.



Does this sound like you?

I’ve written/am writing a manuscript for a book and looking for a professional editor.

My writing needs direction, structure, and organization. In a word, rehabilitation! 

I need an expert to weed out the fluff and smooth the rough edges.

SOS! I need help with grammar, tense, word choice, and fluency. 

My manuscript needs spit, polish, and a shine! 



Does this sound like you?

I have a compelling story to share and need an experienced ghostwriter to put it to paper.

Passion I’ve got! I just don’t have the skills, time, or inclination to write this book myself. 

The story is in me, but I need help pulling it out. And it’s got to be less painful than pulling teeth.

I don’t know if I can be concise. I tend to babble and digress. (Yawn!)

I need someone to give my story wings! 



Does this sound like you?

I want to write a book and looking for a coach to guide me every step of the way. 

The thought of writing a book both excites and terrifies me. Doubt, insecurity, and overwhelm are holding me back.

I want to share my story, but I’m afraid to put a toe in the water, let alone take the plunge. 

Deadlines and commitments are not my strong points.

I need help staying focused, on task, and organized. I desire encouragement and accountability, not a whipping!

A Book Coach, Really?

YES! Working with a book coach could be the difference between having an idea for a book and getting that book out to the masses, and a page turner at that!


After determining your specific needs, Dr. Alisa will give you a quote for the job and an approximate deadline for its completion. No surprises, just quality work at a fair price.

Dr. Alisa Cooper is a versatile writer, editor, and book coach. With her help, your book will be everything you want it to be… and perhaps more than you thought it could be.​ Dr. Alisa:

  • Holds you accountable 

  • Encourages you 

  • Helps you get organized

  • Brings clarity to the project

  • Keeps you on track

  • Keeps stress to a minimum

  • Brainstorms with you

  • Provides invaluable feedback 

  • Cheerleads you to victory 

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