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Hi there,
I’m Dr. Alisa Cooper

Did you ever have an injury that changed the trajectory of your career? Mine was adhesive capsulitis, aka a frozen shoulder. It hastened my retirement from the chiropractic profession and catapulted me into the world of writing and editing. 



I wrote website copy for doctors, dentists, yoga instructors, and health coaches and became an editor for two lifestyle magazines. I edited well over 1,000 articles, wrote a cookbook, co-authored a self-help book, and got published in numerous magazines and medical/dental journals.  


I’ve learned when life throws you off balance, it offers the chance to re-establish equilibrium in surprising new ways. Despite the nasty shoulder injury, releasing my role as a health care practitioner after 35 years was a natural transition. I was ready.


From my first published poem in second grade to editing psychology and biology papers for friends in college, to the innumerable health articles and blogs I wrote throughout my years in practice, I’ve been writing and editing my whole life! It’s in my DNA. So is striving for perfection and landing in excellence.

The Doctor is In

People started calling me “The Word Doctor,” inspiring me to create TheWriteRehab. Now I write and edit full-time and apply my professional training as a life and wellness coach to guide others, with grace and joy, through the book writing process. 


I have edited articles and books for doctors, dentists, surgeons, CEOs, and entrepreneurs on topics ranging from eating disorders, dental health, and novel surgical procedures to addiction, emotional trauma, and substance abuse recovery. 


I’ve ventured into the world of children’s books with Going Buggy, written in rhyme (by me) and beautifully illustrated (not by me) for 4-8-year-olds. I’m writing an early chapter book for young readers and ghostwriting a memoir for a woman with a cathartic need to share her story. It’s an honor to help bring someone’s story to life!


Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  Whether you need an editor, ghostwriter, or book coach (or a unique combination), I am grateful and excited to help make your dream of writing a book come true!


Why my clients are happy with The Write Rehab

“Dr. Alisa is our go-to person when we need copy for a medical or wellness website. She understands our clients’ needs and consistently delivers engaging, quality content.”

- Sherry Varian

Co-owner at 135 Marketing and Design 

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